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There are some twenty-two separate areas of evidence and research which have occurred, particularly over the last twenty years which indicate that life and consciousness transcend bodily death. Such evidence has probably always existed but only now with recent advances in medical science and technology has much of it been able to be studied empirically. A list of some of these lines of evidence would include the Near Death Experience (NDE), Out of Body Experience (OBE), After Death Communication (ADC), Mediumship, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), The Scole Experiments, The Cross Correspondences, Death Bed Visions, Remote Viewing, Reincarnation, Automatic Writing and others.

Not everyone has direct experience of these phenomena but there are thousands of documented cases of people who have experienced one or more of them.

My own experience of what is sometimes described as ‘the paranormal’ has been largely due to my ability to keep an open yet critical mind and my extensive research into the experiences of others. I myself cannot claim to have personally had a near death experience or a definite after death contact but there is one phenomenon that I can attest to personally having witnessed it many times over several years on a regular basis.

My mother, when she was alive, had the ability to do ‘automatic writing’. She would sit down with a paper and pencil in hand and begin to write furiously and continuously until she was forced to stop through exhaustion. She produced dozens of such pages and afterwards I would type them up for her on my, at that stage rather primitive, word processor. I still have the typed pages and many of the hand written originals.

I stress here that these were definitely not my mother’s words. She did occasionally like to write poetry but these poems were few and far between and were a reflection of the way she saw beauty in the natural world. The language and the wording were simple and typical of someone who only had a limited education to early high school level.

On the other hand the automatic writings were always highly esoteric with an old world style and contained deep seated truths many of which neither my mother nor myself were able to fully comprehend.

Here is a small sample of one of them. There are plenty more on my website.

After Life Novel

Life After Life Novel

Time Travel Novel

Gary J McCleary.

Life After Life – Death is Not the End


For thousands of years all the worlds religions have been talking about life continuing on after the physical body dies. More than this human beings seem to have it hard wired into their brains that there is a life after death and that there is an Ultimate Being who created everything and everyone. When this concept is looked at logically and with real skepticism many people come to the conclusion that all consciousness ends at physical death however I claim that NO ONE truly believes this at the ‘gut’ level. Even the most hard-nosed skeptic will call out to God for help under the right circumstances.

This ‘hard-wiring’ into the human psyche for the need to believe in a Higher Order Being should give us real pause for thought. In fact this is probably the reason that so many people are prepared to believe, on blind faith alone, in ancient books written thousands of years ago and which have undergone any number of translations down through the ages. These same books have also been altered for political reasons of the day and only certain books have been included.

Irrespective of the many belief structures that have been invented to explain it down through the ages the ‘after-life’ is none the less very much for real and it has huge consequences for the here and now!

My training and expertise is in the area of science and mathematics and I can tell you honestly that I have not come to my present understanding through blind faith or indoctrination but through making a seventeen year study of the various separate areas of evidence that exists for the existence of the afterlife. There are twenty two distinct lines of investigation, all of which if used in a court of law in relation to a crime would be enough to convict someone many times over ‘beyond any reasonable doubt’. Some of these are so powerful and have been done under strict scientific protocols that they are convincing beyond ANY doubt!

The Cross Correspondences and the Scole Experiments fall into this later category as do a number of well documented Near Death Experiences which have occurred in real time while the patient was clinically dead on an operating table. If one then adds in other considerations such as Electronic Voice Phenomena, Automatic Writing, Voice and Materialization Medium Ship, Reincarnation evidence, Remote Viewing, Out of Body Experiences, Apparitions and Death Bed Visions, Experiments on Group Consciousness and many others then the conclusion is inescapable.

I have collected many examples of this evidence together and I have presented it on my website at .In addition I have written eight interesting novels which take this evidence as a backdrop to the stories. All of my characters are very ‘down to earth’ and credible even the non human ones and the stories, while they themselves are fiction, are meant to highlight the very real nature of eternal life and what it means to be a member of a race of powerful eternal beings.

Gary J McCleary.

Accepting life after death, living full now.


   There are now many ongoing studies related to the ‘near death experience’ and these studies clearly establish that consciousness survives the death of the material body. Thousands of people from all walks of life and around the world have been resuscitated from conditions of no heart beat and no brain activity. At least a third of these people tell of very real experiences while they were clinically dead.

   There are differences in what these people relate but there are certain core experiences which most of the people have. There is…

  • the feeling of being surrounded by intense love and a bright light

  • the feeling that the world they are in is far more real than their earthly life

  • the presence of other beings around them which can sometimes be family members or religious figures

  • the life review where their entire life passes before them instantly and in detail even down to how other people reacted to things that the person said or did in life

  • awareness of a barrier, which can be as simple as just a low fence, the crossing of which is irreversible

  • The inevitable choice where the person reluctantly elects to return to earthly life.

On the basis of this evidence some people may ask why a person would choose to return to their material bodies which because they are near death, are usually in great pain. A related question would be ‘if the afterlife is so wonderful why not end our earthly life right now?’

   Most people who choose to come back are motivated by the need to look after a loved one such as a small child. Others come back on a mission to tell the world about the afterlife or to complete unfinished business.

   The point is that everyone who comes back to life having experienced a near death experience sees it as a life changing event. These people have a new zest for life and they no longer fear death. They see this life as a learning experience to be lived to the fullest. The accumulation of material wealth is no longer important to them and they realize that what is important is the love that we give to others.

   This understanding of what life is really all about is what makes the near death experience real in a way that a dream or drug induced hallucination is not.

   We all come into life with predefined goals that we need to fulfill. We all learn skills throughout life but we come into life with certain predefined skills that just need to be sharpened. Anyone for example can learn to play simple tunes on a piano but some people, which we label as ‘child prodigies’, become grand masters at their preordained skill even before they are adults. We don’t even have to look to the level of child prodigies because everyone is born with abilities which make them naturally good at certain things and weak at other things.

   We need to make the most of this life in order to raise our spirituality for a better place in the life to come.

Gary J McCleary.